dance like no one’s watching…


The other day I witnessed a wonderful thing!

Do you remember when you were little and you played the game where you tried not to step on the lines in the pavement?  An all consuming game that involved head down, full focus on the pavement as you leap down the street trying to stay away from the cracks in order to avoid any kind of impending doom that could happen if you step on them during the 5 minutes of game play.

It doesn’t matter if anyone gets in your way or your slightly annoyed grown-up is asking you to stop before you fall or bump in to someone, you must stay off the lines.  This is what I witnessed this week, and the little girl playing the game looked so happy and unaware of the world around her or anyone smiling at her fun game.

When is it that we stop playing this game?  Or feel like we mustn’t play it anymore for fear of looking silly?  Where does this sense of play go?

I bring this to your attention, as it made me think about dancing and the way people feel when they’re dancing.

Some people love to dance boldly in front of others, not caring what anyone thinks, completely absorbed in their own perfect world, whilst for others it’s an experience that creates a bad feeling; scares them because they worry that they’re not good and people will laugh.

If you’re currently option number 2, but you’d like to be option number 1, I think  that I might be able to help.  Sometimes all it takes is someone to tell you that you can do it, whether that’s through teaching you a whole routine or just a few simple steps to boost confidence.  I have faith in you and you can do it.

Here’s a picture of my gorgeous niece for inspiration:

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Photo Courtesy Babb Photo

I think the quote: ‘Dance like no one’s watching’ is a poignant one here and one that we should remind ourselves of when we’re feeling a little self conscious.

I love to dance in this way, and my wish, through working with you wonderful people, is to try to make you feel the same.

However, in the meantime, I urge you, when you’re next walking down the street, throw away your self-conscious self, stay off the lines and remind yourself how fun this game is.

don't step on crack

Thanks for reading, Victoria x