a dance medley…

I’m a big Tom Hanks fan.  He’s one of my favourite actors, he’s made many truly wonderful films and he seems like a genuinely lovely person!  In fact, my favourite film in the whole world is Forrest Gump.  I could watch it again and again, as indeed I have, and never get bored.  So I was particularly excited this week when I saw the clip of Tom and James Corden (hasn’t he done well, by the way) performing a retrospective of his films in 7 minutes!  All the greats were there.  Amongst others, he did Woody with puppet like arms, the ‘ice-cream soda pop banana on the top’ rhyme from Big (complete with actions) and Splash, with James Corden in some fetchingly hilarious pink shells.  Amazing!

Here, have a peek:

After watching this, and being reminded of all the great work that he’s done, and the great comedy that doing this created, I definitely feel satisfied with the watch.  Never mind any of this showing one clip from his newest movie business!  I want to see the whole back catalogue please!

But the point is this: why do one movie when you can do a whole bunch of them?!  A plethora, a medley, an amalgamation, if you will.  And I say if Tom Hanks can do it with his films, then we should do it with a wedding dance.

If you’re having trouble picking just one song for your first dance (because sometimes it is hard to choose), then why not use a selection?  Take short snippets of a bundle of your favourite songs and combine your favourite parts of them together to create your first dance.

This medley idea of songs is becoming more popular and can be very effective in that it allows you to use a variety of styles of dance, you can use different tempos and moods of music and it’ll give your guests a great surprise each time the track changes.

You could even create a theme for the song selection!

Maybe a favourite era/decade of music; the roaring twenties?


A favourite band; who doesn’t love these guys?


Or how about a favourite movie;

forrest Gump

(I did tell you that I love Forrest Gump?!)

So there you have it, if you just can’t decide which song to pick, maybe you don’t have to?!

Thanks for reading, Victoria x

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