josie and simon’s beautiful first dance…


Last weekend, Rich and I packed up the car, dropped Sparkie off at his Grandparents (yes I do refer to my dog as though he is a child) and made the very exciting, if a bit motorwayey, journey down to Somerset where we had the pleasure of attending a wedding.  But not just any wedding, and I’ll tell you for why: not only is Somerset beautiful, with its rolling hills, tiny villages and many a grazing animal, just when you think it can’t get any better, what if I tell you that the wedding was in the middle of the woods!  Treborough Woodland to be exact.  The wedding version of Glastonbury if you will.  And to top it all off, it was the wedding of my lovely Godmother, Josie and her equally lovely beau, Simon.


Admittedly the extreme rain on the day before didn’t help with the mud situation at the woody outdoor venue, but it didn’t matter.  The day of the wedding was sunny and we all chucked on our wellies and squelched our way around the venue.  Not only was this major fun, but it also meant avoiding the impending agony of too much dancing in heels that are slightly too high.  Thus, walking like a robot at the end of the day and oohing and aahing your way through the next day, with slight trepidation at the thought of putting too much weight on the soles of your feet.  I say lets wear wellies to ALL weddings from now on!


It was an absolute pleasure to teach these two brilliant people to dance.


Neither Josie nor Simon had danced before, and had a great time learning something new together.  They had two lessons with me before the big day, plus a mini practice with the bride, including hair in rollers, on the morning of the wedding.


They danced a rumba to the rather lovely ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green and did a wonderful job.


Josie wore a beautiful custom made, 50s style wedding dress complete with wonderfully big skirt with touches of bluebell; the very significant colour for the day, and a pretty crocheted wrap and Simon looked very handsome in his navy suit.  They both looked gorgeous on the dance floor, love brimming from head to toe (or, in Josie’s case, her oh so cute pearl coloured Weddingtons.)


In anticipation and support, guests gathered around the dance floor, which was surrounded by hay bales and covered by the wonderfully named ‘Gandalfs Hat’ umbrella.


To make things even better, after cheering and smiling their way through the gorgeous couples routine, guests were treated to a Ceilidh band, and I’m pleased to say that much more dancing ensued.


Congratulations Josie and Simon, I hope you have a lifetime of happiness together!

Thanks for reading! Victoria x

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