one year on…

This week is an extremely exciting one!  It’s the first birthday of love. wedding. dance.  Hip Hip Hooray!


One whole year of teaching talented and interesting couples.  It’s been an absolute ball.

And I believe the significance of a year is a big one!  Turns out you can do a lot of exciting things in a year.  Have a think about it.  I bet you’ve achieved a lot this year!  And this time next year, you’ll have achieved even more!  And the variety of your achievements will be immense as well, and the significance of each achievement will be so different for each individual.  Newborn babies can learn to walk, masters degrees can be completed, the world can be travelled, and weddings can be planned; just a very short list of the endless wonderful things that can be squeezed in to a year.

Each and every person that I’ve worked with this year has achieved so much.  Some had danced before, some wanted lessons because their partner loves to dance and some had no experience whatsoever.  But it didn’t matter which option it was, the result was the same; they all worked together with someone that they love to do something fantastic (and occasionally scary) on their wedding day; a wedding dance never to be forgotten.

P1080203-7P1080145-48jen and ed

 (photo courtesy Cameron Slater)

So I’m so happy to be celebrating the companies first birthday this week.  I am eternally grateful to everyone that has supported me in this venture and I feel extremely proud of the couples that I’ve worked with so far and I can’t wait to work with more wonderful couples this year and the next and the next and hopefully many more after that!

abi and jon 2Karen and Cedric 12







But that’s enough chat from me…here’s a peek at some of the wonderful things that I’ve witnessed this year!  Enjoy!

Thanks for your wonderful support!  I’m off to eat some cake!

Lots of Love, Victoria x


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