happy dancing days…

I’m not sure about you but I always find January to be the trickiest (and longest) month.  Its cold, grey and a whole 11 months until we can put a big tree in our houses, wear jumpers with snowmen on and whip out those Santa Clause: the movie DVDs again (no more super duper looper for another year, *sob*).  


However now that the first dreaded week of January and normal working life, which unfortunately does not involve sitting in a onesie scoffing mince pies, is over, I’m feeling ready to beat those January blues and smile about the forthcoming year and all the excitement that awaits.  And one of the most exciting things is the thought of all that dancing and particularly all the lovely new dancing couples that I get the honour of teaching this year, because dancing is a sure fire way to perk up the mood no matter what time of year!

So I put it to you that if you’re feeling a touch of the January blues this month, why not get dancing?!

When you dance, your body releases endorphins which will lift your mood, heal stress and increase confidence, and thats without even mentioning the brilliant physical benefits to be had. So whether you’re in a dance class or swooshing around your kitchen, jiggling to your radio, with all that newfound, mood boosting confidence, you will be feeling and looking fabulous.  Much like these lovelies…


Look how smiley they are!

Which leads me nicely on to the subject of wedding dancing.  Now, call me biased, but having been a bride myself and taught many a splendid first dance couple, I can think of no more exciting, joy filled dance than the one that you will perform with your new husband or wife on your wonderful wedding day.  So why not start practising now, and contend with the chilly January days together by learning something new and having some first dance lessons.  I promise that it will make you feel wonderful!

What a lovely way to start the year.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!  Victoria x

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