richard and victoria’s graceful first dance…

Last month, my rather lovely husband, Rich, and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!  Wow it’s been a quick year!  And it has occurred to me that although I spend much of my time looking at and writing about other people’s wedding dances, I haven’t really given much information about my own wedding dance, so I thought I’d take a little minute to write about it in this weeks blog!

Rich and I got married at the gorgeous Orangery at Whittlebury Park, and I have to say, when we first went to view the venue, I was immediately drawn to the dance floor (I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for a good dance floor.)


After much deliberation before the wedding, (Santana, Frank Sinatra and Frankie goes to Hollywood being just a few of the possible choices), we danced to the amazing Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River.  A song with graceful waltz timing and the gorgeous line “two drifters off to see the world.”


Rich hadn’t done much dancing before, (apart from when I make him practice new moves for my couples in the kitchen), and was nervous about the prospect of doing a first dance, but he took a big, brave breathe and learnt one of my favourite dances, the waltz, with me.


The dance included traditional waltz steps, some dips, spins and a little bit of armography.


Like many couples prepping for the big day, we struggled a little to fit lessons in, both time and space wise, and found ourselves practising in various obliging friends living rooms and our venue the day before.


Of course, it did come together, as these things do, and the high of finishing our first dance together was heightened even more when we looked to our friends and family at the end of the dance, and they were holding up 10’s, in a surprise strictly come dancing stylee – cue welling up all over again.


Whether you’re feeling scared or excited at the prospect of your first dance, I really can not reiterate enough how amazing it feels to be dancing around the floor with your new husband or wife; doing something that you’re spent time and effort learning together.  Every time I hear Moon River it makes me smile and sometimes we still whip out a few of the moves together.


Thanks for reading!  Victoria x

(Photos courtesy Babb Photo.)

Pop over and have a look at us doing our waltz here:
the dances

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