the modern dance…

I’ve written in my Blog before about the possibility of father/daughter and mother/son dances in a separate sense, but how about a dance where the Father of the Bride joins in with the Bride and Grooms dance half way through?  Or more accurately, the Groom steps aside, so that dad has his own few seconds to dance with his daughter.

Take a look:

What do we think?  Would your dad’s be willing to join the dance?

I thought it was a lovely little touch.  Actually, come to think of it, I really enjoyed the whole of this wedding dance.  I thought it was really fresh and fun and had a great energy throughout.  And look at their smiley faces!  (I also really love the dance floor, but that’s by the by.)

Of course, I love love love traditional dances, which I’m sure you’ve noticed from my constant raving on about them.  However, the non-traditional touches that this couple added; an upbeat, modern song, the bride in a shorter, easy to dance in dress, the groom in his relaxed trouser and t-shirt combo and the aforementioned Father of the Bride joining in, were great and it made me really happy to watch (which is, after all, what wedding dances are all about.)

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about a wedding dance, but would feel more comfortable with a couple of the more modern, upbeat choices?  Or, maybe you think a routine like this would be more relevant to you as a couple?  Whatever, the reasons, it still comes back to what I believe is one of the most important factors in creating a great wedding routine – making sure you feel great on the dance floor, and giving you that confidence boost to show off those brilliant dancing skills with your new husband/wife, whilst all of your loved ones are in full support.

sheep dance

So there you have it, if you’d love to do a wedding dance, but are in to the more modern touches, have no fear!  Hopefully, this dance could provide some inspiration.

Thanks for reading!  Victoria x

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