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“Unfortunately for my now husband when you get engaged to someone whose sister choreographs wedding dances, its kind of a given that you will have one! I was looking forward to having that extra special way to finish off the day, however Jarede was apprehensive, to say the least. However, Victoria was so encouraging to both us, especially when he was being very hard on himself. I think it only properly clicked in the last class for us because we just let go and had fun, and that is partly down to how Victoria calmed us down, also encouraged us and let us put in our own twists to make it special to us. It was a very special feeling to walk onto that floor with most people probably expecting us to sway side to side, and do a dance that surprised people and gave us a wonderful and memorable part of our wedding day. I would thoroughly recommend having your own choreographed dance by Victoria for your day too!”

Amy and Jarede

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Thank you so much for coming to Norfolk and spending time with us teaching us our wonderful first dance.  I never expected Gary and I would be able to perform something so elegant and graceful especially given my wedding dress and his left foot.  Your calm, kind and professional manner really helped put our anxieties and fears to one side and, as our photographs skilfully capture, I could not have considered having sky high confidence without your teachings.  Thank you so much for helping us create a perfect lasting memory.”

Gemma and Gary

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Victoria choreographed a perfect wedding waltz and taught it to us over a few sessions in our home.  She designed the routine to our capabilities and preferences and did a great job of making my husband-to-be feel comfortable despite his nerves at the prospect of learning to dance.  Patient, friendly, reassuring and fun, I would have loved to have continued the classes with Victoria after the wedding!  The end result was better than I could have imagined and was one of the highlights of our wedding day.  I would recommend Victoria to anyone looking for something special, or just a bit of confidence, for their first dance.

Laura and Carl

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“Victoria is a very good and very patient teacher (I have to emphasis how patient she is as those who know Charlie Wheeler know that he is quite the opposite).  When we couldn’t quite get the moves Charlie got what some might describe as frustrated, but Victoria remained confident in us the whole time, and while this was something we had never ever done it made our first dance something to look back on.  It definitely brought us together as the wedding drew nearer and was about the only time on the day where we were able to reflect as we practised and then performed for real. I would highly recommend Victoria to teach any couple getting married! X”

Chloe and Charles

Read more about Charles and Chloe’s lovely first dance.

“My husband and I undertook several lessons with Victoria in order to prepare a dance for our big day. She was patient, instructive, supportive and very friendly. She gives you inspiration to achieve your goal, and made us have confidence for those few minutes on our wedding day. We truly couldn’t have done it without her, and we are so thankful for her assistance and guidance in making our wedding day that little more special. Thank you Victoria.”

Justine and Glyn.

“We got married in April 2012, everyone has the traditional first dance on their wedding day but we wanted to do something abit different than the usual swaying back and forth. Only problem was, neither of us were trained dancers and basically between us had 4 left feet!  We found Victoria of whom we gave our chosen music and she constructed a full routine that looked great but wasn’t too difficult for us novices.  Victoria is a very patient teacher with great ideas, she knows what looks good and works well together. She listened to what we wanted!  Victoria went out of her way for us to have a practice at our venue.  She gave us the confidence that we could do it, and we did! The guests thought is was great and was totally unexpected!  We would strongly reccommend Victoria as a dance teacher, if you want a special dance for your special day, Victoria is the woman you need!”

Nicola and Matt.

“My wife and I both have two left feet, questionable rhythm and little confidence when it comes to dancing, so the idea of a first dance in front of people was horrifying for us! That was until we met Victoria, who was just outstanding. She did a fabulous job of creating a unique dance routine that not only fit our song perfectly, but also matched our personalities and skill level. She was patient, helpful and quite skilful at reminding us about practicing outside the lesson! By the end we had such confidence in our abilities that we walked on only a little nervous, and our dance became one of the big talking points of the night.”

Andy and Alison.

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