which came first…the chicken or the egg?

Which came first…the chicken, or the egg?

A question that has dumbfounded me for many a year!

Surely the chicken came first; otherwise no one could have laid the egg?


But wait a minute, where did the chicken come from in the first place?? No egg no chicken, right?!

chicken in egg

Hang on though…and so it goes on…it’s all a bit much really!

At this point, you may be wondering, what exactly chickens and eggs have to do with wedding dance choreography?

Well, apart from the teacher really loving a dippy egg or two, sometimes when approaching a wedding routine, there are some similarities.

Allow me to elaborate…very few people enquire about having their wedding dance choreographed with absolutely no idea of what they would like.  They usually have at least one of these two elements in mind; the first dance song or the type of dance that they’d like to do.

So here’s where it relates to the chickens: which comes first;

the song?


Or the dance?

dancing peopleI have to say, the majority of the time it is the song that people already have in mind.  I guess it’s more usual for couples to have a special song, rather than a special dance?! The dance then forms naturally from the song fitting the style, feel and (hopefully) timing of the song and any special moves that the lovely couples would like to include.

However, sometimes, couples come to me with a really specific idea of the type of dance that they’d like and no idea about the song, particularly if they’ve danced before, seen a lovely dance in a film, watched the endless back catalogue of gorgeous Strictly Come Dancing routines, or if you’re anything like me with our wedding dance waltz, you just love the feeling that a particular dance creates.  From this, we can then work together to find a song that suits the dance and you as a couple, thereby finding your special song based on your special wedding dance.

Either option is really interesting for me as a teacher, and creates so many possibilities for a gorgeous, original routine, danced beautifully by you!

But my question is this: which camp are you in?  The song first or the dance first?!

Thanks for reading, Victoria x

P.S.  Incidentally, my wonderful husband drew the sketches for this blog, as he’s all brilliant at drawing and stuff, and I’m definitely not!  However, he did make me attempt to draw a chicken first, let me introduce clucky!


I think you’ll agree that no comparisons can be made…

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