surprise, surprise, surprise…

Somebody told me a lovely story this week about a friend of hers who had invited a selection of family and friends along to the engagement party of her and her fiancé.  During the party, a speech was made and, at this point, it was announced that the guests were in fact not at the couples engagement party, but actually at their wedding.  The couple had organised the whole thing in secret as a surprise for their friends and family.  They had a cake, flowers, a registrar, even a wedding dress and suit ready and waiting to change in to.  What a wonderful surprise and original idea.  Makes me smile just thinking about it.  Sort of reminds me of the brilliant bit at the end of (*SPOILER ALERT*) 5 Year Engagement.  I do love surprises!

This got me thinking about surprise wedding dances.

With many of my couples, there has been a little bit of secrecy surrounding parts of the wedding dance.  Many couples don’t show their routine to anyone before the big day, some prefer not to mention the song that they’re dancing to, but others don’t tell their friends and family anything about having a routine choreographed for them. And of course, this works particularly well if you’re new to or don’t usually have much patience or confidence with dancing.  No guests will be expecting it!  Personally, I’m a big fan of this method.

Picture the scene; you enter the dance floor as though to spend the next 2 minutes swaying to your special song and, from nowhere, you launch in to your routine.  Just when people are least expecting it, you whip out John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever hips, Fred Astaire’s dancing feet or Michael Flatley’s ‘seemingly unattached from his body’ legs. dancing men Ok, so maybe not that extreme, but you certainly have the potential to create a storm with the wonderful ‘twinkle toe’ moves that you use to surprise your adoring friends and family.

Think about it for a while.  Why not keep this part of your wedding day a secret, and give your guests a wonderful surprise when it comes to the big day?!

Thanks for reading, Victoria x

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