the dances

A small selection of choreographed routines danced by wonderful love. wedding. dance. couples.


Amy and Jarede dancing to Jim Croce, ‘Time in a Bottle.’

Read more about Amy and Jarede’s endearing first dance…


Abi and Jon dancing to Nat King Cole, ‘L.O.V.E.’

Read more about Abi and Jon’s adorable first dance…


Jen and Ed dancing to David Bowie, ‘Fill Your Heart.’

Read more about Jen and Ed’s happy first dance…


Laura and Carl dancing to Otis Redding, ‘That’s How Strong My Love Is.’

Read more about Laura and Carl’s romantic first dance…


Karen and Cedric dancing to Etta James, ‘At Last.’

Read more about Karen and Cedric’s elegant first dance…


Me and my amazing husband, Rich, dancing a waltz to Moon River.

Read more about Richard and Victoria’s graceful first dance…

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