a few little things

How do we book?

Bookings can be made by visiting the ‘Contact’ page and filling out the enquiry form, or e-mailing directly.

What is the cost?

Weddings can be a very expensive time, where, when the moment you mention the ‘wedding’ word, the price trebles, so I offer a variety of packages to suit different budgets.  Hopefully, one of the packages suits your budget needs, but if not, please do get in touch and we can discuss putting together a personalised package for you.

​How long do the lessons last?

A standard lesson lasts 90 minutes, but if this does not fit in to your schedules, I am happy to shorten or lengthen the lessons to a length that suits you.

How far in advance should we start our lessons?

Some couples prefer to have lessons months in advance so they have lots of practising time leading up to the wedding, while others prefer to leave it until a couple of weeks, or even a few days before, so they won’t forget the routine (and they have lots of other planning to do).  I’d say the ideal time would be between a month to two months before, that way there’ll be plenty of time to practice and have a re-cap lesson if you feel you need one.

Where are the dance lessons held?

The dance lessons are held in your own home, taking away the hassle of having to travel to the lesson.  If you feel you would like to learn somewhere other than at home, or you feel you don’t have enough space, you are more than welcome to organise an alternative place to have the lesson.  Alternatively, I can do this for you near my base in Ampthill, in which case the building hire fee will be added to your lesson price.

How much space do we need?

I’ve worked with huge spaces and very small spaces, as long as you can stand, facing each other and have a little room to move in a circle or side to side, it works for me.

When do the dance lessons happen?

The lessons can take place weekdays and weekends, both during the day and evening.  Again, it depends what works best for your schedule.

What area is covered?  

I am based in Ampthill, so Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas are within very easy reach.  However, I’m more than happy  to teach outside of this area, in which case a small travel supplement will be added if you are based more than 20 miles from Ampthill.

​What should we wear?

It’s important that you feel comfortable during the lesson, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable whilst moving and dancing around.  It may help to wear similar style shoes to the ones that you will be wearing on the wedding day, particularly for the ladies that are wearing heels, as it can often feel very different dancing in heels compared to flats.

Do we need to supply the music ourselves?

As long as I know which song (or songs if you haven’t quite decided yet) you’d like to dance to, I can supply the music and equipment to play it.

Do I have to have danced before?

No.  Many of the wedding couples that I have taught are people that have no experience of dancing and want to learn something for their wedding day so that they feel confident dancing in front of their friends and families, or to suprise their guests that don’t know they’ve been having lessons.  Dancers from the complete beginner to the more experienced are all welcome to have lessons.

Do I need rhythm?

No, but I’ve often found that couples who think they have no rhythm whatsoever do have some lurking in there somewhere, they just lack a little confidence in their dancing.  I will choreograph a routine to whatever difficulty you feel is best for you, that way you’ll have more fun dancing it on your big day.​

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