abi and jon’s adorable first dance…

Abi and Jon rehearsing

Abi is a Florist and a very talented one at that.  Jon is a plasterer; he works on the films (Harry Potter being my favourite.)  Rich and I were lucky enough to have Abi and her lovely mum, Liz, (they’re business is the amazing Bouquet Chic by the way) put together the flowers for our wedding, so when Abi asked me to choreograph her first dance, I was very excited to be able to return the favour!

Abi and Jon

When you’re a florist and it’s your turn to get married it’s natural that the wedding will involve a flower or two, or in this case loads (of very beautiful ones).  And when your groom is a plasterer, why not combine the two?!  Abi and Jon made flowers cast in plaster for their guests favours, which is possibly one of the cutest favour ideas that I’ve heard of.  In fact, the whole wedding looked stunning and, I have to say, so did they doing their dance.

abi and jon 2

As with the rest of the wedding, Abi and Jon were really keen for their dance to reflect them and their fun personalities.  They danced to the rather lovely L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole, and yes, they did make the letter V with their arms – so cute!

Abi and Jon 5

Their gorgeous venue, Meols Hall in Southport, was a beautiful setting for their dance with an amazing stone floor and very beautifully lit.

abi and jon 3

The dance included Foxtrot steps, spins, dips, lifts and lots of personality and laughing.  A perfect dance for this lovely couple.

abi and jon 4

Although, sometimes ladies, when we have a particularly large wedding dress, sometimes it does have a personality of it’s own.  Abi’s gorgeous Ian Stuart dress became a part of the dance and I thought the lovely pair coped with it so well, with Jon picking Abi up so she wouldn’t trip on it and at one point dancing with it scooped up between the gorgeous pair, like a big fluffy cloud of wedding loveliness (awww).

Abi and Jon 11
Congratulations guys, I’m proud of your dancing skills.  Have a lifetime of happiness together!

Abi and Jon 9

Thanks for reading!

Victoria x

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