karen and cedric’s elegant first dance…

Karen and Cedric 32

How about this for a wedding?  Ceremony in England, quick dash to the Eurotunnel, reception in France; brilliant idea!  Of course, this works particularly well when the bride is from England and the groom is from France, which means this was the perfect plan for Karen and Cedric’s wedding celebrations.  So that is exactly what they did!

Karen and Cedric 36

Neither Karen nor Cedric had danced much before their lessons with me, but they were both keen to learn something lovely for their wedding day, and I have to say, dancing to the gorgeous tones of Etta James singing ‘At Last’, lovely they did look.

Karen and Cedric 39

Karen and Cedric had two lessons with me in their beautiful south London flat before their channel hopping wedding day and throughout each lesson, as well as on the day, they were the epitome of elegance.

Karen and Cedric 41

The dance included Waltz style steps, spins, swaying and finished with a very romantic lift and dip.  A fabulous chequered dance floor (my favourite), and a gorgeous venue fit the feel of the dance perfectly.

Karen and Cedric 42

The couple’s smiley faces and great dancing encouraged much cheering and whooping from their supportive friends and family, and Karen and Cedric did a truly wonderful dance.

Karen and Cedric 43

Keep an eye out for some video footage of Karen and Cedric’s elegant first dance soon.

Karen and Cedric 34

Congratulations guys!

Thanks for reading, Victoria x

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