jen and ed’s happy first dance…

What do you get when you give two in love actors a wedding dance to do?  Answer: A completely joyful, fabulously performed routine!


“Fill your heart with love today” are the first words of David Bowie’s song ‘Fill your Heart’, which was Jen and Ed’s first dance song, and wow…they lived up to the line.  They looked completely full to the brim with love; the joy showing on their smiley smiley faces throughout.  Their dance makes me so happy every time I watch the video.

J&E-609 (1)

Jen and Ed’s gorgeous Kent barn venue, The Quadrangle, which they decorated with pretty bunting and stylish exposed lightbulbs, was perfectly suited to their fun and quirky dance.  With their supportive friends gathered around the outside of the room, Jen and Ed wowed them with their wonderful dancing.


They both looked gorgeous whipping their way around the dance floor; Ed in a very dapper grey waistcoat and trouser combination and Jen in her beautifully floating dress with a stunning lace back detail.  Again, fitting their personalities and feel of the dance perfectly.

jen and ed

They spun, dipped, quickstepped and jived around the dance floor, with the dance building to a particularly wonderful crescendo with their brave spinning lift.


In a lovely hall in the Kent village where Jen grew up, the loved up pair had two lessons with me before their big day and I feel proud of the level of their dancing.  They did a truly wonderful job.

J&E-614 (1)

Congratulations Jen and Ed, I hope you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.

Jen & Ed Wedding Aug 2014 (20 of 37)

Thanks for reading!  Victoria x


(photos courtesy of Alex Shenton, Dan Kirby, and Jen and Ed’s official photographer Cameron Slater.)

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