amy and jarede’s endearing first dance…


Being quite an emotional person at the best of times; crying at adverts, gameshows, Christmas songs, small animals, etc…, you can only imagine what I’m like when I get to a wedding.  As it turns out, this emotion is quadrupled when it comes to my little sisters wedding, which I discovered last Thursday, as my little sister, Amy, did in fact get married to her lovely fiancé Jarede.  And what an emotional, immensely exciting and gorgeous day it was!  One of my favourite days in fact.

After sobbing my way through the very personal and lovely ceremony, enjoying the brilliant garden games (sack races and treasure hunt included), eating the yummy food and delicious cake (made by the wonderful mother of the bride, who is a cake goddess) and crying (again) at the speeches, the exciting first dance moment arrived.


Being asked to choreograph a couple’s wedding dance is a lovely feeling because they are entrusting you with an important part in their big day.  It made me very happy to be able to help Amy and Jarede with theirs and make this moment even more memorable for them, and I have to say, they did me proud!


Amy and I used to go to dance classes together when we were little so she was no stranger to the ballroom moves, but Jarede had not danced before, so the lessons were a little scary for him to start with.  He conquered his nerves really well, and whisked Amy around the dance floor, the lovely couple looking like the epitome of elegance together.


The beautiful venue, Lynford Hall, was the perfect romantic setting for the dance, with lovely wooden floorboards and large windows with the summer light still shining in, and the homemade vintage style bunting and fairy lights adding that extra sparkle to the atmosphere within the room.



The couple danced a waltz together swapping between ballroom and shadow hold, and the routine included spins from both the bride and groom, a beautifully danced lift and a romantic dip with a kiss to finish.



The gorgeous first dance song was one that I hadn’t heard before, but immediately fell in love with; Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce.  Just beautiful.  If you haven’t heard it before, I urge you to hunt it down and have a listen.  It’s so romantic.



Jarede looked very handsome and every bit the gentleman in his grey suit and stylish bow tie.  While Amy looked beautiful in her dress as she waltzed around the dance floor, the layers of the dress flowing and floating as she went, particularly in the lift towards the end of the dance, which was met by much cheering and clapping from the newlywed’s supportive guests.  A wonderful first dance.



The guests were then treated to a fantastically fun Celidh, which had people laughing and dancing for the rest of the evening.


I’m very proud of Amy and Jarede and excited for them as they start their married life.  I know that they will have a lifetime of happiness together.

FullSizeRender copy

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Silva!

Love Victoria x

Watch Amy and Jarede looking lovely whilst doing their first dance here: the dances.

(Photos courtesy Richard Stevenson)

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