gemma and gary’s gorgeous first dance…

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Learning a wedding dance when you’ve never danced before can be a very daunting experience.  However, lovely newlyweds, Gemma and Gary, approached it like real pros.  They practised, practised, practised and my goodness, did it pay off.  They looked stunning doing their dance (and before and after it too for that matter.)

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Gemma and Gary had two lessons with me at their home in Norfolk before their big day and danced to Kodaline’s rather gorgeous ‘The One’.

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Their venue was Broom Hall in Sahem Toney in Norfolk.  The dance floor was based in the venue’s marquee and was a great setting for the couple’s first dance.  (I love the pretty Pom Poms hanging from the ceiling too by the way.)

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I always  really enjoy it when the photographer captures the guests in the background of the wedding dance.  It’s a snapshot of how impressed everybody was with the couple’s dancing.  In Gemma and Gary’s great photographs, taken by Acorn Studio’s, the reactions are particularly special because they kept their choreographed routine a closely guarded secret from their guests.

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The routine began with some slow swaying, which, when I first met Gemma and Gary, they said their guests would be expecting, before they broke in to something much more unexpected and even more wonderful.

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The routine was made up largely of steps from the rumba, and included Gemma and Gary spinning, dipping and zig zagging around the floor, with a lovely lift in the middle which really showed off Gemma’s stunning dress with it’s beautiful layers, matched perfectly with Gary’s dashing pale blue waistcoat and purple cravat.  They both looked gorgeous.

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I’m so proud of the hard work that Gemma and Gary put in to their dance.  They did a wonderful job and their confidence shines through.  They are a wonderful couple and were a pleasure to work with, and I have no doubt that all of their smiling guests and their lovely children are also proud of their fabulous dancing skills!


Congratulations Gemma and Gary, I hope you have a lifetime of happiness together.

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Thanks for reading, Victoria x


(Photograph’s courtesy Acorn Studio’s)

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