the spontaneous dance

Many people have a friend called Mark.

My Mark performs dances.

At this point, your natural assumption may be that he does this professionally.  Nope.  The man is just a one-man band of pure performing perfection when it comes to interpreting the moves from various pop videos and Disney.

This first came to light when, one lazy evening at home, he performed an impromptu version of Ursula’s Poor Unfortunate Souls followed by Rhianna’s Umbrella.  My friend Sarah and I were both in shock and awe that he had hidden this talent for music video re-enactment for so long, but, now unleashed, we hoped we’d see more.  And more we did.  It has now become a tradition for Mark to pop on a tune, pick up an umbrella and wiggle along to these songs at many an event (mainly birthday’s, the occasional Saturday night, etc…)  However, the greatest performance of all was his spontaneous re-enactment of Umbrella at my wedding – including having a glass of water thrown in his face (his commitment to creating the effect of rain knows no bounds).

mark dancing

Obviously, I am a cavalier of the choreographed routine, but by no means will I turn away from a moment of spontaneous dance.

So this week’s blog subject is dedicated to the fabulous and memory creating spontaneous dance.

Another prime example…the dance off.

As far as I’m concerned, wedding dance offs should (and will) be encouraged.  This love of the dance off really only began at my own wedding last December, when, upon my sister’s request and being the bride (because everyone must do what the bride says), I took it upon myself to instigate one – in a Jason Nevins vs. DMC stylee of course.  Many a surprising dance move plucked from nowhere and 3.48 minutes later, we were satisfied.  The mission was complete.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of our dance off, but here’s the original for you to enjoy! Hurrah!

So much fun!

I do naturally pitch for the choreographed wedding dance, but, once the first dance is over and the evening has begun, surely any kind of dancing at weddings is a good thing?

People dancing(photos courtesy Laura Babb)

Thanks for reading! Victoria x



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