wedding dance journey…

Ten weeks ago I signed up to run the Richmond Running Festival Half Marathon.  36 training runs, several blisters, and one post tripping over a tree face plant later, last Sunday I completed it!  Hooray!  However, this run has not just been about the big event but about the journey to get there.  Needless to say 10 weeks ago, there is no way I could have made it round the course – certainly not running anyway, crawling maybe, perhaps the odd canter, but running?  No.

Admittedly there have been some mornings where Rich has had to crowbar me out of the door kicking and screaming, but it’s always been worth it by the end of the training run.  I have grown to love running again, and this week I have been for three runs, despite not having to go and still having blisters on my feet.  I’m addicted!

But it’s not just that.  With all the running and practice and ‘the journey’, I felt confident.  (Insert obvious, slightly cheesy (but excellent) clip from ‘Journey’.)

Which brings me back to dancing.  Since becoming a wedding dance teacher, I have learnt many things, but this is one of my favourites; it’s so not just about the end result.  It’s the journey!  Of course, the end result is important and you want to have something wonderful to dance together on your wedding day, but it’s also about the journey to get to the end result.  And here are some lovely couples doing just that!

practising couples

In the run up to one of the biggest events in your life and at the start of your brilliant journey as husband and wife, embarking on learning something new is great.  And for most couples it’s not just about learning a dance.  It’s about learning a dance together; simply being able to have those few precious hours doing something as a couple, in the chaos of what is usually, and certainly was for me, a frantic time, with the added bonus of making you feel more confident and being able to enjoy being on the dance floor when it does get to the big day.

One of my brides recently commented to me that although she loved doing the routine at her wedding, she also really loved taking the time beforehand to spend some time with her husband to be, learning something together.   And who knows, afterwards, you might still feel like dancing.

Thanks for reading, Victoria x

P.S. Just for amusement, here’s a picture of the post running me!

half marathon

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