strictly wedding dancing!

Generics(photo courtesy of BBC)

So, this Sunday Strictly finally returns to our screens.  Hooray!  This is exciting for many reasons; it allows my obsession with reality T.V. to continue, the Autumn is here (just about), which means excessive hot chocolate drinking and an excellent excuse to snuggle in with big socks and a onesie, it’s the run up to Christmas (too soon??!) and, most of all, daaaaaancing!!!!  Jumping with excitement at the mere thought of it.

As usual, the beeb have selected a fine crop of celebrities to wiggle their way around our screens for the next 3 (yes that’s right 3!) wonderful months.

strictly2014(photo courtesy of BBC)

Personally I love Alison Hammond and can’t wait to see her do her thing!

There’s also a couple of new dancers to contend with this season, Tristan MacManus and Joanne Clifton (sister of dancer Kevin), and the brilliant return of amazing Natalie Lowe, although I am sad to see James and Artem leaving, sob.  And, of course, no more Brucie tippy tapping his way towards Tess Daly at the start of the show.  Although I’m sure the completely hilarious Claudia Winkleman and her big fringe will be able to throw in some new moves.

So my question to you is this; which Strictly routines have you watched and desperately wanted to dance yourself?  Say, at your wedding?  Well, you can!  I can still remember my favourite dances from Strictly and I love watching them again.  Alisha and Matthews Cha Cha, Jill and Darren’s Jive and, just last series, Sophie and Brendan’s waltz to name a few.

Why not take something that you love and wish you can do, and actually learn to do it?  Then you can spend time after time watching your own dance on repeat (without the judges of course).

Thanks for reading and keeeeeep dancing! Victoria x

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