it’s your wedding dance

glastonbury 2

I’m sure it’s not escaped your attention that last weekend Glastonbury took place. For the first time, I went! It was great (even the superglue mud), but it was big, so very big. Somewhere in the region of 200,000 people went to this year’s festival and by far the biggest crowd that I saw was for Dolly in ‘The Legend’ slot. The pyramid stage field was full! So full, that I struggled to find Rich (my husband) again after a trip to the smelly festival loo.  After standing in the field looking round like a puppy that had lost it’s bone for ten minutes, I eventually discovered him stood a couple of metres behind me, hidden by a sea of festival hats, flags and people on their friends shoulders.  A festival game of hide seek, if you will.

The picture below was taken from my highly adept camera phone and, I think, is a good illustration of this ‘Where’s Wally’ type game (except without the stripy jumper) when hunting for someone at a festival that you’re quite sure was by that flag.  Or, hang on, was it that flag?!

glasto pic

But enough about my bad orientational skills in a big crowd. Dolly was great. She was fun, very chatty and a great storyteller, but, the point is, no one likes being lost in a crowd. In a massive Glastonbury contrast, I also saw a brilliant circus act, called Squash by The Barren Carousel, where ten of us stood in a small performance space watching funny people hang upside down from a rope and performers threw grapes in to the audience member’s mouths. Now that is personal!

Glastonbury and the reading of an interesting article by English Wedding, a wedding blog aiming to make their work very personal and give the blog a face, are really the inspiration for my blog this week.

Naturally, there is an aim to grow, but it’s still that personal feeling that is the ultimate aim, and that is the very reason that I enjoyed reading this article so much. I agree with this whole-heartedly and it is that individual approach that I want couples to feel when they work with me. Each of the suppliers that Rich and I worked with for our wedding gave us their attention, their ideas and that personal focus. We never felt like we were one of many couples that they were working with.

One of my favourite things about teaching people their wedding dance is getting to know the couples, hearing about their wedding and listening to their ideas for their dance. Whether you see your routine as a chance to show off in front of your friends and family, a personal moment for you as a couple, or simply as a way to boost confidence, your dance is yours, choreographed just for you, and there will not be another one like it! (Although I promise not to throw grapes at you.)

Thanks for reading, Victoria x

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