Time for something a little bit different?

In my last blog, I suggested a variety of styles that you could think about that perhaps hadn’t crossed your mind when it comes to hitting the dance floor for your first dance. But, it’s not just about the style of dance, but also who’s doing the dance where you can add something of the untraditional.

Of course, most wedding dances involve the happy couple taking to the floor. However, if you feel that you would like to include more of your family and friends, or if you don’t fancy having everyone’s eyes focused on just the two of you, have you considered something a little bit different?

As I understand it, Mum’s and Dad’s love a bit of a wedding boogie, so how about the perhaps more American tradition of a Father and Daughter, Mother and Son dance? Or if that doesn’t float your boat, maybe get your best man, ushers and bridesmaids on the floor for a wedding party dance? Or perhaps ask your guests to join you on the floor half way through your first dance. Thereby giving everyone a chance to see the happy couple do their thing, but not dancing for longer than you feel comfortable?

Of course, there is also secret option number four. Dare I say it, a full on, all guests involved, flash mob style dance!? Almost like being in your own, personal wedding musical. Now I realize that the example below does not feature a wedding, but far be it from me, to ignore a classic 90’s teenage film reference that includes Freddie Prince Jr. when it’s staring me in the face! Check out this piece of genius:

Go on, you know you want to!

And on that happy note, thank you for reading! Spread the love.wedding.dance.

Love Victoria x

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