endless possibilities and fun…

I mentioned in last week’s blog, that I had a deep-seated desire to waltz at my wedding. For me, it’s one of the most romantic ballroom dances, and many an episode of Strictly Come Dancing has only furthered my love for it; even the most inexperienced of dancers make this dance look beautiful. Although, of course, Disney and the visions of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince waltzing around the floor in a rather glorious fashion has also lent a helping hand. For those of you who haven’t witnessed this loveliness:

But, whereas we opted for a more traditional waltz for our wedding and, I particularly, had visions of much twirling and whooshing around the floor, sometimes all the options are confusing and this does get me thinking about the other dance styles, some traditional, some untraditional, that could be an option for you.

The dance you choose will often be based on the song that you choose, but will also reflect the two of you as a couple. For instance, a Foxtrot often works well with romantic love songs and ballads, or a Jive or Rock n’ Roll dance could be good for something more upbeat but a little more relaxed, or if you fancy giving you’re dance a Latino vibe, how about a slow and sultry Rumba, or a cheeky Cha Cha Cha. You could even mix it up with a more modern, Hip Hop or Freestyle dance. The options are endless. Including, for many couples, a mixture of a few different styles!

Although, whether you choose a slow, swaying, loved up number, a choreographed masterpiece, or something that gets those feet tapping and hips jiggling, the most important point still remains; relax and enjoy yourselves, it’s your wedding day after all!


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