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This week I have been lucky enough to work with a rather lovely couple down in Kent who have chosen a Bowie song for their wedding dance.  A more unconventional first dance choice, but I have to say, it’s pretty perfect for them.  And, it did get me thinking about how and why people choose a particular song for their dance.  Some couples seem to have an ideal song right from the start, whereas others just can’t decide.

Being a newlywed myself, my husband and I sifted through many an IPod playlist to figure out our perfect song for the first dance.  Many of our favourites seemed to be based on the songs we play (and often unashamedly warble-a-long to) in the car, Santana, Frankie Valli and the Back to the Future Soundtrack to name a few.  In the end though, it was my desperation to do a waltz for our first dance, and continual nagging every time Audrey Hepburn and the Galaxy advert appeared on the TV, that meant we danced to Moon River; and my wonderfully lovely, although slightly scared groom learnt a waltz for me.  He’s a trooper!  Although, even then, we felt the need to have a second dance so our guests could join us on the dance floor.

So how about you?  Are you choosing a particular song because it’s ‘your’ song?  Because it fits with a particular dance style?  Does it have another sentimental value?  Or is it just because it makes you feel soooo good?!  Do you prefer a ‘traditional’ song, or something unexpected?  Whatever the answer, it’s always so lovely to hear why a song is special to each couple.

Now although I’m never one to shy away from a ‘cringeworthy’ song you understand, if you are after something a bit different but just can’t put your finger on what, here is a handy list of 20 that will hopefully give you some ideas:

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