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And so we come to September and the return of Autumn, which is, in my opinion, the best season of all, not just because my birthday happens during it, but because I love just about everything about it.  The return of crunchy leaves, in all their orange and red glory, falling from the trees, the return of the drawn in nights and the coolness in the air that almost whispers the word autumn as it wraps itself around you, the return of hot chocolates (as if they ever really went away), the return of the beginning of the run up to that 9 letter word beginning with C, the return of Louis Walsh to the X Factor and, lest we forget, the return of the spangly dresses and Glitter ball waltzing its way back on to our screens again of a Saturday evening.  This Autumn however, also heralds the return of the love. wedding. dance. blog., which has had a little holiday over the summer but is now rested and rejuvenated and ready to go again.  Hurrah!

So whilst we’re on the theme of returning things, I thought I’d use this blog to give a little bit of encouragement to those dancers whose flame for dancing still burns bright but, because sometimes life gets in the way, haven’t quite managed to get to that dance class or pick up those dance shoes in a while.  I would like to take the opportunity to urge you lovely people to return to dancing and why not use your wedding dance to do it?

There have been times in my life when I haven’t managed to dance as much as I would like, which makes me sad, but every single time that I do come back to it, it gives me the same excited feeling that it always does, and I’m sure it does for you too.

You remember all the wonderful gifts that dancing brings with it, and it is the gift that keeps on giving.  The wave of euphoria when you get a tricky move right, dancing around the room like a crazy thing as if no one else in the world is watching, the obvious benefits to your fitness, the feeling of your muscles when you know they’ve had a good workout and listening to your favourite songs time and again as you practice that glorious routine.  What’s not to love?

But, like I say, sometime’s life does get in the way, and with the hecticness of trying to fit everything else in, sometimes dancing does get put on the back burner.  And this busyness seems to increase ten fold as soon as you start planning your wedding.

So if you’re struggling to fit in a dance class, or there’s just too much to do in the run up to your wedding, I think I may be able to help.  Why not include this much sought after dancing time as part of your wedding prep activity and learn a choreographed wedding dance?!  Not only will this help get you back to your dancing roots, but you can get your future husband or wife involved too and share your love of dancing with them.

One of the lovely things about learning your first dance together is that there’s no need to book a studio, or even leave the house.  Because the thing about planning a wedding is that, if you’re anything like us when we were planning our wedding, you spend a lot of time sat on your living room floor, at your dining room table, moulded to the cushions on your sofa or wherever there’s room to sit because your house is so crammed full of wedding stuff, doing various wedding crafts, making mood boards, or panicking about your ever increasing to do list.  Why not take a little break from this time and return to your passion for dance and have a little practice of your first dance?  Dust off your dancing shoes, clear a little space in your living room and share your dancing passion with your beau.  Practice your first dance routine together and let your love of dancing come flooding back once more.  A perfect way to return to something you love.

The best thing about it is though, you don’t even have to wait until Autumn to start.

Thanks for reading.

Victoria x


Photo courtesy Cameron Slater Photography

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