andrew and ammerance’s classy first dance…

Going on holiday is a very lovely thing.  I love seeing all of those new places and all the amazing sites that exist in the world that you wouldn’t ordinarily see in England.  Going on holiday and seeing your friends get married whilst you’re there is even better, and that’s exactly what Rich and I had the honour of doing earlier this year when we went to South Africa for the wedding of our gorgeous friends Andrew and Ammerance.


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to South Africa, but if you haven’t, you should go.  It’s worth the journey just for the sunsets.  It’s such a stunning place!  A truly beautiful country, and so very suited to this truly beautiful couple.


The wedding took place, at the incredible Webersburg Estate winery in gorgeous Stellenbosch, which is just outside of Cape Town and is crammed to the brim with amazing wineries and lush, green views.


Now just to confess, I did not choreograph this dance myself (it’s hard to do when you live half a world north of South Africa).  The routine was fabulously choreographed by Thabo at Katz School of Dance in Johannesburg.  I do love to give a shout out to a fellow wedding dance choreographer especially when it’s such a lovely routine and you’re so proud of your brilliant friends, particularly Andrew, who had never danced before, and wanted to learn so that he didn’t embarrass Ammerance on the dance floor. (Very sweet; everybody say awww.)


The newlyweds had several lessons before the big day and told me that they’d practised hard and you could tell.  They both looked classy and elegant as they whisked romatically around the dance floor.


The couple’s first dance song of choice was the extremely lovely ‘I love every little thing about you’ by Stevie Wonder, and it fit perfectly to Andrew and Ammerance’s rumba steps, spins and romantic, crowd pleasing dip and kiss.


Andrew looked very handsome in his grey waistcoat and spotted tie, which was handmade by his very talented mum Yani, (also, just to say, full credit to the groom and all of the groomsmen for wearing their full tails earlier in the day in the 30 degree heat.)  Ammerance looked stunning in her intricately laced but floaty floor length wedding dress, which complemented the choreography perfectly.

Andrew and Ammerance didn’t take their eyes off of each other, and the romantic routine initiated big cheers from their supportive wedding guests


We were then treated to a pretty fantastic playlist of tunes and danced away the rest of the evening, with everyone throwing some brilliant, slightly unusual, shapes.

I’m so honoured to have been in beautiful South Africa for this gorgeous wedding day and am so proud of Ammerance and Andrew for their brilliant dancing.  Lovely wedding, lovely choreography, lovely couple!


Congratulations Andrew and Ammerance.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness together and look forward to seeing you in England soon!

Love Victoria x



(Photos by Richard Stevenson)

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